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Tuesday, September 21 2010 06:28 AM
I just got a call from these guys too. I asked to speak to a manager and the chap said 'I am the manager'. And wouldn't give me his name. What a load of rubbish.

Anyway, I've just registered my mobile number on the telephone preference service as a result, so hopefully they won't bother me again.
Monday, June 07 2010 11:09 AM
I have received 10's of calls from these idiots over the past few weeks...and it's not only me, below are complaints from the website whocallsme .com from people who are having the same problems...These people are SCAMMING people out of money! SURELY this is illegal?


30 Mar 2010
Called my cell, left no message.

2 Apr 2010
find from which area this number is from

Shak replies to Ann
6 Apr 2010
Called me too and no message
Reply !

Rebecca replies to Shak
7 Apr 2010
Called at 13:42 - no message....

9 Apr 2010
Got a call from this number today. Against my better judgement I decided to call it back and I heard a single ringtone like you hear when you phone someone who's abroad. Hung up after about 5 seconds when I realised the call timer had started on my phone. Hoping it hasn't cost me lots of money!

12 Apr 2010
They've called my mobile twice now with no message left.

Annoyed person!! (again)
13 Apr 2010
This number rang me just now, so I picked up, and it was (surprise surprise) some credit agency who, he claimed, was, "sponsored by the Ministry of Justice". I said I dont want whatever you are selling, and he said, "So you're giving me permission to ignore your mis-sold funds" or words to that effect. I said, "Yes" and he hung up. I know that no funds of mine have been mis-sold, so I have no idea what he was talking about.

19 Apr 2010
twice this number as phoned and twice no one talkt dwn the phone so i left it runing at there cost, got they so ned to get a life

20 Apr 2010
They called my mobile twice and said they were from a credit agency service, I hung up straight away. I get this number calling me every week. Where do they find my number?!

29 Apr 2010
This number called me once, and hung up....then called me back and said that ministry of justice stupidness and started talking about loans and credit cards. I told them i'd never had a credit card or a loan as i'm only 19 and they left me alone straight away!

6 May 2010
It is a credit card company, they ask for your details in regards to helping you claim money back from mis-sold insurance policies on your Credit Cards and Bank Cards.

If you tell them you are capable of sorting out your own finances, they leave you alone.

Hope this helps.
Call Type: Debt Collector

6 May 2010
Who's calling please?

10 May 2010
Just called my mobile and offered to get me thousands back in compensation from mis-sold ppi's from a loan and my mortgage. The guy could tell me my details including my address and offered to get the compensation for me and all other members of my household for a one off fee of £199.99 regardless of how many claims I or orther members of my household made. He wanted me to give out my bank details to him over the phone as he said he needed to cross reference my address and with my bank. I did not give him any details but asked for the forms to be sent for me to read through but nothing could be sent to me until my address could be confirmed with my bank as they were "important legal documents". I think this company is a con and have reported them to the Police who are looking into it. Please do not give out any bank details to them.

11 May 2010
I got a call from these people. They said that they were calling about the mis-selling of consumer credit insurance. The really spopky thing is that they got through on my private number, which I never give out to anyone except close family.

11 May 2010
These calls a nuisance - just managed to get one these companies to stop calling and now this one has started - for about a week i kept getting calls from a with held number at 8am on my mobile - i never answer as im always at work. Then this week this number started calling.
I can only assume that the agency that has stopped calling sold my info onto another similar company offering the same product - why coz they can and if you wont take them up on there offers they simply sell you on so at least they are getting some cash back.
I suggest you dont agree to anything over the phone ask them for the comapny trading address or a email/website so you can write to them asking to remove your number or for further info - it worked for me in the past but of course they do just sell your info on.

The Area code 01267 is for the area of Carmarthen, Dyfed. There are a total of nine exchanges in the area which make use of this code including Brechfa, Cynwyl Elfed, Ferryside, Bancyfelin, Llanddarog, Llanstephan, Llanpumsaint, Nantgaredig and Carmarthen.
The county within which the town lies is Carmarthenshire is situated to the south-west of Wales.
Its a landline so im sure it will be charged at local rates.
Caller: Unknow

12 May 2010
Just got a call from a Martin Harker from Consumer Credit Services Ltd, Located i Llanelli.
Offered services as described above, but the peculiar thing was the phone line disconnection.

He got to the part when he got my details: name, dob, address.

I guess since he no longer tries to call me, my personal details were his target so BEWARE!!!
Caller: Consumer Credit Services Ltd

joanna strous
13 May 2010
this number called me last night and again this morning. i have ignored it both times, but was worried it was my friend from norwich - until i googled it and all these messages came up- am so pleased i did and that people have written all these messages about it. thank you. that's a weight off my mind.
Caller: unknown

Kevin Fitzsimons
18 May 2010
Phone Rings, I answer then NOTHING.... very Frustrating.
Caller: Not Known

Lady Heather
26 May 2010
This number calls me all the time on my mobile trying to get me to make a claim for mis- sold PPI , payment protection Insurance.... as I have never had this I tell them I dont need their service ....but they keep on ringing despite me telling them to remove my details from their database!!
Caller: 01267493100

l walker
26 May 2010
this number called me 3 times today. annoying. this site is so helpful ...
Tuesday, May 25 2010 05:52 AM
This is a cold calling company that seem to be after some very personal details relating to bank account number, DOB and address. Number calls at least twice a day regardless of my insistence that they remove me from their contact info.

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