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Ian complain on phone 01490 555 023
Wednesday, June 13 2018 10:11 AM
This number has called landline 6 times today, and as 01490555037 twice yesterday. They are scammers, re TPS asking for bank details, the TPS is free so obviously a scam. I have reporterd the numbers to OFCOM and Action Fraud Police. DO NOT ANSWER.
Amanda Davidson complain on phone 01492 514 141
Wednesday, April 04 2018 06:01 AM
Ringing and putting phone down when answer
Daniella Allanson complain on phone 01495 361 972
Thursday, March 22 2018 08:41 AM
Answered to this number the first time they called but couldn’t quite understand the woman as it was quiet but I’m sure she said something about enquiries I’d made? Not to sure what they’d be as I know I didn’t make any enquiries but they’ve tried calling me back over 20 tines in the space of 3 days. I’d say it’s a nuisance caller.
Jeremy complain on phone 029 2255 0404
Tuesday, March 20 2018 09:02 AM
This number is a fraudulent firm claiming that there is a serious legal complaint against you from HRMC. If you get a call like this a) ignore the call and b) report the number
Andrew Light complain on phone 029 2255 0404
Wednesday, March 14 2018 02:19 PM
threatening content with financial penalties perporting to be from HMG
Daphne Bartlett complain on phone 01490 234 031
Tuesday, March 13 2018 11:54 AM
The caller called but put down the phone each time the call is picked up. I can hear a male voice at the other end
sims complain on phone 01639 282 596
Friday, March 09 2018 10:12 AM
Stephen called from this number and gave the company name. when I asked what they do there he put the phone down. I'm on the TPS so they should not even be calling
kristian davies complain on phone 01495 444 767
Friday, March 09 2018 06:18 AM
This number rang me for a job vacancy but i cant get back too them about it because the line just keeps ringing
Mrs Bickell complain on phone 01407 742 777
Friday, January 19 2018 08:16 AM
Caller claimed to be from BT and stated thee was a fault with my internet and wanted me to log in and she would trouble shoot with me. Hijacking/hacking attempt
Michael Hadley complain on phone 01792 399 845
Friday, December 22 2017 03:27 AM
Persistent phone calls about a supposed life insurance policy and when asked what policy they terminate the call. This is a very irritating nuisance phone call.

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